The UP! Music aims to provide all elementary school students with access to high quality music education with an emphasis on music theory, creation and performance. UP! Music partners with three elementary school sites to extend music engagement for students grades 2-4. Each site engages MDCPS music teachers as leaders in afterschool programming twice weekly. Instruction is focused on music theory, vocal and percussive instruments with an emphasis on performance. Each week, students perform for their families at a “music meal”. UP! Music seeks to create a scalable model for afterschool programming in music which can support MDCPS programs in the immediate and long term. 


Volunteer with up! music

Our program relies on dedicated volunteers to come in and engage our students in piano, voice, percussion, recorders, wind instruments, and more! No experience in music required. Volunteers with UP! Music attend their designated site once or twice a week:

Earlington Heights Elementary

Frederick Douglass Elementary

Jesse J. McCrary Elementary

To Volunteer or join the UP! Music staff, click the button to the right.  All applicants and volunteers must also register with MDCPS.

Step 2: Register as an MDCPS Level 1 Volunteer:

  • If you attend a MDCPS public high school, log into your student portal and click on "Apps/Services/Sites", and then "Become a School Volunteer" to register as a Level 1 volunteer.
  • If you attend a private school, create a "Community" account by visiting http://portalaccounts.dadeschools.net/createaccount.asp. Then, log into your community portal and click on "Apps/Services/Sites", and then "Become a School Volunteer" to register as a Level 1 volunteer.
  • Select your volunteer location from the drop down menu and check the boxes in the Level 1 section ONLY. Then click submit. You're all set to volunteer at UP! Music.
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Email Natalie at achieve@achievemiami.org if you have any questions regarding the application process.